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The new target precedes the December climate negotiations in Paris.

This month, Ash Dykes is setting off on a 1,800-mile trek along the length of Madagascar to attract conservation attention to ...

Global forest loss amounted to 18.7 million hectares (46 million acres) in 2014, a decline of about 9 percent relative to ...
Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon. Photo by Rhett A Butler

Confirming what civil society groups have been saying for months, new data from the Brazilian government suggests a steep increase in ...
The canopy of oil palm trees on a plantation in Aceh, Indonesia. Photo by Rhett A. Butler

Officials are selling nascent CPO Fund on sustainability grounds, but experts fear it will do more harm than good.

Malaysia is set to become the first country in the world to prioritize orangutans over logging and palm oil.

Malaysian police requested INTERPOL to place Clare Rewcastle-Brown on its international "Red Notice" after she reported on corruption allegedly involving Malaysia's ...
Lowland rainforest in Riau, Sumatra. Photo by Rhett A. Butler.

Tropical forests face a dire future unless humans adopt a radically different approach to protecting and managing them.

Conservationists and industry stakeholders suggest long and short-term solutions to increase India's uptake of sustainable palm oil.

Will India use its influence as the world's top importer of palm oil to push sustainability?

The government is also pushing to revise a 25-year-old conservation law.

One degree of warming would drastically reduce the habitat of nearly all of the region's endemic vertebrates, according to a recent ...

A university lecturer hunted the endangered primates for his Christmas dinner and posted photos of the carcasses to Facebook.
Sarawak has lost much of its primary forest to development. Photo taken in Gunung Mulu National Park by Morgan Erickson-Davis.

The arrest warrant came after Sarawak Report published stories detailing how a sum of about $700 million was transferred to the ...
Yupanqui, his wife Elena and a neighbor warming up for a tourist visit. Credit: Saul Elbein

An end to conflict and a rise in tourism brings prosperity and environmental challenges to the Peruvian Andes.

The development of REDD+ in Indonesia as an experiment in bringing together carbon abatement, equity development and biodiversity protection is continuing ...

No more than 100 of the creatures still live in Indonesia's forests, with nine more in captivity.

While deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon has fallen sharply over the past decade, a larger share of forest loss is now ...

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Genting, IJN are also being divested from because of rainforest destruction in Indonesia.
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